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Baccarat is one of the best-known casino games out there and it can be found at virtually every online and real-world casino. Anyone can enjoy a game of baccarat, whether he or she is a high roller or a casual gambler, and this popular table game is now becoming increasingly popular among all different kinds of players. If you want to know how to win at baccarat, here are some top tips to help you to maximize your profits and get the most out of this fun game.

Inventado: Século 13 na Itália
Apresentado para nós: 1950 em Vegas
Popularidade: 91% da receita de Macau, 24% dos Vegas Receita

Evite a aposta de gravata

Tabela de bacará-DealadorA ponta superior quando se trata de jogar bacará é nunca cometer o erro de ir para a aposta da gravata.O jogo de Baccarat tem três opções de apostas - Jogador, banqueiro e gravata.No entanto, os dois primeiros oferecem uma vantagem de casa, que é consideravelmente mais atraente que a anterior.O Banker oferece aos jogadores uma vantagem de 1,06 % e o jogador tem uma vantagem de 1,24 %. A borda da casa na gravata é muito pior, chegando em Um chocante 14,4 %.Essas são chances terríveis e devem ser evitadas a todo custo por qualquer jogador sério que gostaria de vencer.

Em caso de dúvida, aposte no banqueiro

Uma vez eliminado a aposta do TIE, isso deixa os apostadores com duas opções para escolher -: jogador ou banqueiro.Em caso de dúvida, faz sentido você colocar sua aposta no banqueiro.Isso ocorre porque o banqueiro ganha pouco mais de 50 % das vezes, e isso torna essa uma opção mais provável para um aspirante a vencedor.

Aposta no banqueiro até você perder

Dealador de bacaráUma estratégia que demonstrou ser eficaz ao jogar Baccarat é começar com uma aposta no banqueiro e continuar a fazer apostas no banqueiro enquanto o banqueiro continuar vencendo.Essa estratégia está capitalizando a vitória e, estatisticamente, as apostas banqueiras representam a melhor chance de ocorrer uma sequência de vitórias.Obviamente, só porque há uma sequência de vitórias agora não significa necessariamente que ela continuará.Portanto, é importante manter os limites em suas apostas para que você não perca muito quando a sequência se vira contra você.


Se você está apostando no banqueiro e sua sequência de vitórias chega ao fim e o jogador vence, pode ser muito tentador pular direto para outra aposta.No entanto, é aconselhável adiar por pelo menos uma aposta.Espere para ver o que sai com a próxima jogada e coloque sua próxima aposta em quem ganha sua rodada perdida.

Be Wary of Mini-Baccarat

Mini-BaccaratClassic baccarat is played in the high-roller room and involves the players dealing the cards themselves. Because of this, traditional baccarat is a pretty leisurely game that can take a long time to play, and often only around 40 decisions per hour. However, mini-baccarat is a very different game. Despite having the same name and the same rules, there are two huge differences between mini-baccarat and the traditional version of the game. The first is, instead of the players dealing their own cards, the dealer is there to deal. The second difference is the speed of the game. Mini-baccarat is faster, and often much faster, with up to 200 decisions taking place at the same time as 40 in a regular version.

While the minimum bets on a mini-baccarat table will generally be lower than the minimum wagers on a standard game, the fact that there are considerably more decisions will often mean that if the game goes against you, the financial consequences will be devastating. The best strategy for playing mini-baccarat is to adopt a Banker-only wagering system. This is very simple and merely involves betting repeatedly on the Banker until his or her winning streak runs out. You should then avoid placing any further bets until the Player next loses, then you place the next wager on Banker once again. In theory, this will effectively half the number of decisions that you face, and will also, in theory, half the amount of money that you can expect to lose.

Tie Bets Are Invisible

One of the most recommended baccarat strategies is to act as if Tie bets don’t count at all. For all intents and purposes, it is as if every Tie bet is invisible and is just a break in the gameplay. For example, if the sequence of decisions runs: Banker, Banker, Banker, Tie, you should act as if there was no Tie at all, and continue to place your wagers on Banker.

Riding the Player Bet

Baccarat-BetsThis strategy is in direct contrast to the “Wait It Out” tip, and represents another option for adventurous players. If you would prefer, instead of waiting for one decision before placing your next wager after the Player loses to the Banker, you should immediately bet on the Banker. This is an interesting alternative to waiting and has also been proven to be an effective choice. However, if the Banker immediately loses again, it is wise to leave this strategy alone and immediately return to the Wait It Out tip.

The Importance of Money Management

Mangumen-MangementExcellent money management is important regardless of which casino game you’re betting on. However, with baccarat it’s especially vital. This is because, essentially, there is no skill involved in this game and you are pretty much just betting on a toss of the coin. This means that baccarat is a very tight game. While you may be lucky and get on a long-running winning streak, you could equally be unlucky and end up on an ongoing losing streak that could see your bankroll decimated in no time. The best way to avoid this is to set yourself a maximum number of units per session.

For example, if you are betting 10 units for each decision, you should consider setting yourself around 200 units per session on your bankroll. If it ends up all being lost, you should definitely stop and take a break – and not just a mini-break, a long one. Instead of just leaping straight back in to place yet another wager, take some time out for a walk, a nap or just to do something else before you return to the table. Perhaps you’ve already had some decent winnings and you’re not quite ready to quit so early, although you definitely want to leave your gaming session as a winner, you should half your winnings and just use that amount to continue playing. If you lose that half, you still have half your money to collect before you take that break.

Baccarat is a fun and simple game that anyone can enjoy. In a live online casino version or in a real-world casino, it can be a great game during which to socialize, too, especially if the other players are friendly and up for a good time. However, it is important to remember that, because baccarat is a game of chance and not skill, you could just as easily lose as win, and taking care with your bankroll is paramount.

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